you will build from the case assignment
continuing to use the workplace setting or profession you have
discussed throughout the course. Again, you will integrate concepts
and terminology learned throughout the course in an 8-10 page paper.
Use at least eight (8) sources published within the last 4 years
retrieved from the Touro library (Hint: You may be able to use the
references from your annotated bibliography from module 7 if they are
relevant). Make sure you use APA style format with appropriate
citations and references.
Address the following in your assignment:

Note my organizational setting is school based and ABA so answer could alling with any.

1. Restate a key problem facing your organization or the area of
your professional interest. Be certain to describe the problem
in detail and tell me why it is a problem, as well as why it needs
to be addressed. Your discussion should include the “impact”
of the problem on the organization.

2. Describe how you plan to incorporate assessments to support
the evidence-based practice in your workplace setting or
selected profession.

3. Describe your plan to implement the evidence-based practice.
Make sure you also address barriers and/or limitations in the
implementation process.

4. Describe your plan to evaluate the success of the evidence based practice. Make sure you are specific such as the level of
analysis, etc.

5. Share with us your expectation of quality improvement
because of your proposed evidence based practice within your
workplace setting or organization.

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