this proposal needs to be in social psychology area. related to children making decision I linked two article summary you can use in this proposal

This idea and development of a theoretical basis for your proposal assignment is intended to help you clarify what your general idea is for your proposal and to encourage you to start to think about theories that may be useful in designing your research question.

ASSIGNMENT: You will write a short description of your idea and development of theory for your proposal by answering the following questions (approx 400-500 words):

  1. What approach in psychology are you taking? You can take more than one if you like (e.g. social neuroscience). Why did you choose this approach?
  2. What specific phenomena are you interested in (e.g. neural responses to conformity cues)?
  3. Describe how this phenomena is related to psychology (mind and behavior).
    1. For example you want to make sure the variables you are interested in are in the context of Psychology. So if you are interested in stress and measuring heart rate as a measure of stress–you must be looking at psychological factors that influence heart rate. So a study on how exercise affects heart rate is not appropriate because exercise and heart rate are not directly related to psychology. However, a study looking at if support from a friend during a stressful event affects heart rate is psychology, because that is looking at how your perception of a friend¬ís support affects your physiological response to stress.
  4. Have you found an interesting theory in this area (e.g. a theory about conformity)?
    1. If yes, please describe your theory including a citation.
    2. If no, describe which data bases and which keywords you will use to find a theory related to the psychological phenomena you are interested in.

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