Review the fictitious case study below. You are the hospital social worker at the emergency room, and you are asked to complete a quick assessment of the patient and to report your findings to the staff physician by demonstrating your skills related to collecting and organizing data, and applying critical thinking to interpret information from clients and constituencies.  Social workers also understand and apply methods of assessment with diverse clients and constituencies to advance practice effectiveness. Based on this scenario, complete the following:

Write a biopsychosocial-spiritual assessment of the client that includes:

A brief description of the patient’s chief complaint.

Description of engagement strategies which use empathy, reflection, and interpersonal skills to effectively engage diverse clients and constituencies including consideration of how diversity and difference characterize and shape the human experience and are critical to the formation of identity.

Assessment of the patient’s safety needs.

Assessment of the patient’s presenting mental status.

A review of the patient’s tangible resources (insurance, financial, housing, basic needs).

A review of the patient’s social and emotional supports.

Necessary standardized measures that you utilized with the patient.

Explanation of your observations and assessment of the patient, including any appropriate notes on transition and discharge planning specifically related to methods of identifying, analyzing and implementing evidence-informed interventions to achieve client and constituency goals.

Case Study

At 9:35 p.m. on a Friday night, Juan, age 66, walks into the emergency room of a large metropolitan hospital. He is disheveled and speaking broken English, mixed with Spanish. He is grabbing his stomach in pain and stating “It hurts. Why?” He reeks of body odor and possible alcohol. The nurse, who brings him back to an empty ER room, is met with hostility by Juan. He pushes her away and states, “Don’t hurt me, too.” The nurse turns to you and asks you to try to obtain information from the patient as she rushes to another room to assist with a car accident victim who was just brought in by paramedics. You ask for the hospital interpreter but are told she is unavailable at this time as she is with another patient. Reluctantly, you attempt to question Juan using what little Spanish you know, along with using hand gestures. Juan continues to talk in a confused state as he holds his stomach and moans. He eventually hands you his wallet and inside you find a state ID, no insurance card, three dollars, and a business card of a case manager who works at a local homeless shelter. You point to the card and ask, “Do you live here?” He nods yes. You call the number but reach a voicemail as it is after hours. You ask, “Family?” and Juan shakes his head no and states “Mexico.” He then turns and starts speaking rapidly in Spanish as if he is talking to someone he sees in the room. You turn in the direction he is speaking, but you see no one.

Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.

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