Book Report and Presentation: The 2-Hour Job Search.


Select a book (The 2-Hour Job Search, Second Edition by Steve Dalton) related to the topics in this class that interests you, read
and write 3-page assessment (not including title page and reference page) and
recommendation of this book.

The report should include:

? A brief summary of the book, target population book is written toward/populations the book
leaves would or would not connect with

? Key points/resources/findings of the book

? General analysis of what you agree with and disagree with regarding the book topic

? How it relates to career development

The presentation should include:

? Be prepared to provide a 3-5 min. oral report to your classmates.

? Summarize and add to your paper. Do not read verbatim!

? PRACTICE! You will be timed for your talk. Please rehearse your talk before you come to

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