This assignment will help you to organize the information you have gathered for your Research
Paper: Final Submission Assignment into the key components of a problem-based paper
(possible causes/risk factors, effects, and solutions/interventions). Review the information you
have collected from the Research Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment as well as any
other information from your approved peer-reviewed articles. Identify points that you would like
to cover in your Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment. Similar points (for example
all points that cover causes/risk factors) will be discussed within the same area of your paper.  
You will identify your main points and any sub points that will be addressed under each main
point. Reference your articles to demonstrate where you will be finding support for your points.


? The body of the assignment will be at least one full page. Typically, a well-developed
outline will be around two pages.  
? Use APA formatting (include a title page and a reference page).
? A thesis statement will be included at the beginning of your outline. This will cover the
main point of your paper and can be developed as you finish writing the Research
Paper: Final Submission Assignment.
? Outline the proposed Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment in various
sections. The intent is to demonstrate clear direction for the Research Paper: Final
Submission Assignment.
? You must cite all of the approved articles within your outline. Additional sources can be
used, but a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed journal articles are necessary to successfully
complete this assignment.
? Review the Research Paper: Working Outline Example and Research Paper:
Working Outline Grading Rubric for additional guidance.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. 

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