Complete a 6 page analysis in which you discuss and evaluate the possible ethical considerations found in the research articles that were studied in paper that’s provided

In 6–8 pages, write an analysis in which you complete the following:

  1. Begin your paper with an introduction, Explain the purpose of the paper and its contents.
  2. Start with a general discussion of important ethical concerns of conducting research using human participants. 
    • Make sure to touch on the ethical treatment of participants and the importance of other ethical behavior required of researchers.
  3. Using your research articles from Assessment 1, identify and analyze the ethical considerations the researchers would have had while planning, conducting, and presenting their research. 
    • Note that you are not being asked to find ethical violations but, rather, to identify the aspects of the research where the researchers would have had to exercise ethical behavior, such as in the sampling procedure.
    • Discuss what might have happened if the researchers had not been ethical.
  4. Discuss ethical issues you encounter in your professional life or psychology specialization and how those can be avoided or handled.
  5. End your paper with a summary and conclusion.

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