What would be your next steps in this session? What questions would you ask? Why did you choose those questions? How do those questions fit into the choice theory and reality therapy framework?


This is the transcript for the assignment above:Um– wow. It’s a good question.I’m coming up on 45. You know how things are– the zeros and the fives, they’re always those times you start looking at your life, taking a– I guess, and seeing where you’re at. And I was looking. And it’s problematic. It’s not where I– I don’t know, where I guess I expected it to be, or definitely not where I want to be.But I don’t really know how to get to where– you know. So anyway, so I figured I’d try to find some help. And family’s not that much help. My mom, instead of trying to help, suggested I go to her pastor. And it was like, I don’t think so. I’m not really a churchgoer.So then– I don’t have a lot of friends here. So not a lot of family, not a lot of friends. So this seemed to be the most reasonable option. So– oh, so a friend did suggest therapy. And they suggested you. So here I am. And I guess I’ll tell you why, then, I feel that way.That’s a good question. Like I said, it’s the milestones, the benchmarks. And things are just not going all that well. My career is not– well, I’m teaching only part time, a little community college here. And not a lot of acting– oh, yeah, I’m an actor, too.So there’s not a lot of work here. I used to live in LA. And I worked fairly regularly. But it’s not nearly the amount of work here. And I don’t have connections. I don’t know the people, like I did back there.So that’s– just kind of scraping by, especially financially. Part-time doesn’t– I mean, it’s cheaper here than LA. But it’s still tough.And yeah, I’m not really in a serious relationship at the moment, either. And I kind of miss that. Yeah, I was married, OK. I was married– eight years. We got divorced recently. So maybe that– OK. It’s probably the biggest– OK, that’s the biggest problem, obviously. I don’t know why I didn’t say that up front.But yeah, I got married a while back. And it was really nice at first. Miranda, she was a doctor. Obviously out of my league, but she liked me. I guess she liked my free spirit. And I thought she was just– she’s beautiful. She was smart. I mean, she was a doctor. Mom was happy.And it was really nice at the beginning. I knew very early on. So we got married in a year. Bought a house, decorated it together. And we’d have little gatherings, have friends over– not big parties. I like just that real intimate– kind of nice. It felt like life. I was working. She was working. We had a home. You know, she’s a doctor. She gets busy, but.Um, it ended, because she had an affair, another doctor. Playing doctor. So a kind of couple rough years there as we sold the house, split the proceeds.Yeah, I wasn’t in a good place. So I moved back here. I moved back to Virginia. My family’s here– a couple of sisters up north. My parents live in Richmond. I thought closer to home would really be helpful, make me feel grounded, like I have a place to go.Didn’t really happen. I was hoping it would. I love my family. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like they’re not good people. They really are. But we live in different worlds. I don’t know that they get me. So yeah, the reason for moving here did not– did not really help.So that’s kind of where I’m at. I have no significant other, no woman in my life who brings me great joy at the moment. Work is a struggle. And like I said, I love my family. But they don’t really understand me. So I need help. I need– I don’t know what to do. So here I am.

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