Observation of the professional school counselor can be beneficial because you are able to see the counselor completing tasks related to the profession in their work environment. These observations can reveal applicable skills that can be used in future professional practice.

In 250-500 words, write a summary report focusing on the observed or discussed interactions between the professional school counselor and stakeholders in a school setting, including but not limited to, administrators, teachers, and/or parents. If the observation report includes personal student information, do not use the real name of the student to be mindful of student confidentiality.

The following areas must be addressed:

  • Summary of 2-3 interactions between the school counselor and stakeholders.
  • The context in which each of the interactions occurred (i.e., discussing a student, program implementation, student/school data, etc.)
  • In each of the interactions, analyze the roles of the school counselor that were imperative to the stakeholders.
  • How the school counselor maintained professionalism while advocating for students during each of the interactions.

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