Vision: Part 1. Name and describe each of the different structures in the visual pathways, including the ventral and dorsal streams. Start with the eye and end with specific brain structures. You must demonstrate your understanding of how visual object identification and the recognition of moving visual objects is possible.  

Vision: Part 2. What are the behavioral effects that you could observe in an adult who sustains extensive damage limited to the primary visual cortex (V1)?  Would it be the same as blindsight? Why or why not? If I wanted to confirm that the reciprocal nature of V1 and V2 was necessary for visual processing, then how could I design an experiment to test such a relationship between V1 and V2?

  1. Dopamine and Drug addiction: Part 1. Describe the mechanism of action for Dopamine (DA) agonist drugs (e.g., cocaine) and describe the hypothesized role of DA release in the reinforcing effects of psychostimulants. Is this role of DA the same for schizophrenia? Why is it that DA makes us feel good, yet too much DA is associated with Schizophrenia?

Dopamine and Drug addiction: Part 2. The research on sensitization of the nucleus accumbens has dealt with addictive drugs, mainly cocaine. Would you expect a gambling addiction to have similar effects? How could someone test this possibility? Design a brief follow-up study with a Hypothesis, IV, DV, and graph some expected results.

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