I need quotes from this book Funder, D. C., (2015). The personality puzzle (7th ed). W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.. I dont have it.

This is a formal assignment be sure to use APA format, one full page minimum. Be sure to incorporate material covered in chapter 7.

Identify several sources of stability in your own life and how these sources have functioned in your life. The sources you will include are genetic factors, physical and environmental factors, birth order, early experience (especially stress), person-environment transactions, and cumulative continuity and maturity.

  1. First identify a trait or characteristic that you consider to be especially strong or important in yourself.
  2. Then discuss two or three sources of stability you they think have been the most important for maintaining or strengthening this trait.
  3. Finally, identify which source of stability is likely to be the most important for maintaining the stability of this trait into the future.

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