4 questions

1. Conflict typically appears when a group is in transition. State several  forms of conflict you can expect in the types of groups you will lead.  Consider group members suffering with substance use disorders. What are  your own reactions to conflict? How will this influence your ability to  help members recognize and work through conflicts?

2. How could the use of role-plays among group members facilitate the goals  of early and transition stage groups? What purpose could role-plays  serve for individual members and for the group as a whole?

3. What are three symptoms that you might observe in a final group meeting  that might indicate that the group had been successful in achieving its  primary purpose and goals? What are three symptoms that might indicate  that the group had not been successful?

4. What factors would cause you to initiate follow-up contacts with one or  more group members after group termination? What would be the purpose of  such contacts?


Corey, G. (2015). Theory & practice of group counseling (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.

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