The NHSLS used the criterion of an individual having experienced the sexual problem for 3 or more of the last 12 months. Do you think this period is long enough to identify someone as having a sexual problem? Under what life circumstances might 3 months of lack of sexual desire and/or response be “normal” instead of appropriately defined as a sexual problem? Cite and think critically. Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

CLASSMATE 1 -MICHELE : Respond to this classmate

I can see where they can say that three or more months can identify somethings as sexual problems. In some medical cases that is a sufficient amount of time however with sexual problems I do not believe that is the case at all. There are too many factors that can effect your sex life that three months of a sexual issue can still be qualified as temporary. Factors in life such as stress, busy schedules, medications, anxiety, depression, family, and other mental issues can play a huge role in developing sexual issues. There are also times when you are in a long lasting relationship or marriage you become relax and lazy. When you are with someone and become comfortable you let life get in the way and sex gets pushed to the side, this can make you believe you have a sexual problem when in actuality you don’t. When you are medication the side effects can play a huge role in libido and other sexual issues. This can last three or more months and not be lasting causing a sexual problem. Mental illness can play a role in lack of sexual desire as well. Reverting back to stress, I can not explain how big of a factor this plays in life, mentally physically medically and sexually. Stress can cause so many problems but it does not mean that the problem is permanent, but can last for a good amount of time. Ultimately three months is far to short to show enough of a pattern to classify something as a sexual problem.

CLASSMATE 2 – Elizabeth: Respond to this classmate

No, I do not believe 3 months is a long enough period to determine whether someone is having sexual issues/problems. There can be many different factors that can play a big part in sexual problems for both men and women. Certain medications play a big role in sexual desire, such as blood pressure medication and different psychiatric medications for depression and anxiety. I think to get to the bottom of one’s problem there should be a series of tests done to determine what the underlying problem really is. Stress also can be a major factor in our everyday lives as well as our sexual desire. In some women, menopause is a factor in sexual desire, some have more desire and others have less. I think a lot more time and tests than 3 months should be taken to find out what the real issue is. It could be an underlying medical condition that needs to be looked at. There are so many different things it can be to slow down our sexual desire and people should take more time to find out the real issue.

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