1. Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) present four styles of parenting that differ in their dimensions of warmth and control (p. 229). Read carefully through Chapter 7 before completing this assignment in order to learn more about the research surrounding parenting, particularly focusing on the research surrounding these four styles.Effective parenting and discipline are popular topics for discussion in the Christian community. This has spurred questions about the interpretation of scripture when it comes to parenting, one example being the proper way to discipline children in light of psychological research on this topic. Some advocate strongly for corporal punishment, while others recommend a more reinforcement-based approach. This topic, among other topics in the parenting discussion, will be the subject of this assignment.Write a critique of the four parenting styles and their differing approaches to the factors described by Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) on page 229 (listed previously). Address the following in your paper:
    • Citing Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) and including relevant scripture, critique the four parenting styles and their differing approaches to factors described by Kail & Cavanaugh (2019)on p. 229.
    • Although you should analyze all aspects of parenting in your paper, be sure to particularly spend time analyzing the disciplining of a child from all four parenting style perspectives.
    • Ensure that your analysis of the parenting styles is supported and informed by Scripture.
    • Conclude your paper with your interpretation of a biblical understanding of how to raise children.

    Your critique should be three pages long (in addition to cover and reference pages), should be written in APA format, and should meet the expectations outlined in the grading rubric.In addition to your text, use a minimum of (2) two scholarly sources (please use the CCU library website or a similar resource to find these), and at least two passages from the Bible to write your paper.Click on the Session 3 Critical Analysis Paper link to submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.ReferenceKail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. (2019). Human development: A life-span view (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage

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