one of the following:   ( your choice)

  1. Compare the differences between historical biological and contemporary biological theories of crime.  Provide examples of individual or groups of individuals past and present that are identified by either the past or present biological theory. Cite any and all sources.
  2. Identify any serial killer or mass murderer, past or present, by researching his or her life starting at their childhood until the end of their criminal behavior.  Based on your perspective identify the various psychological and sociological theories best describe them. Cite any and all sources.
  3. Human trafficking, drugs, and sex crimes plague cities across this country.  Houston has been identified as a major hub of these criminal activities.  Your assignment is to research these crimes in the greater Houston area citing statistical data and the impact these crimes has on your community and what steps should be implemented to reduce said crimes.  Identify criminal organizations providing their history and activities. Cite any and all sources.

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