We can all imagine a time when working with teams helped motivate and inspire us and helped us accomplish a significant feat. We have also all been in situations because of bringing groups of people together in diverse work settings and how these situations might benefit from awareness training to be empathic and respectful. Assume you are working for a company that provides HR training. Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation for a webinar to deliver to the organization. Complete the following in your presentation: 

Provide an overview of the organization you chose. 

  1. Discuss the theories and concepts about how prejudice and stereotypes occur. 

How should this organization effectively raise awareness regarding stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination? (Challenge yourself to go beyond the response of providing training.) 

Based on the information you have obtained about this organization, what recommendations could you provide the company to help them more effectively work with different personalities, individual differences, or gender differences in the workplace? 

Discuss how these strategies align with the recommendations in the readings. 

Discuss how these factors may serve to benefit or hinder the organizational culture. 

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