Part 1

For this Discussion, you will examine resources on critical thinking and the “Capstone Project Required Content Overview” to explain the importance of critical thinking and how you will apply this skill to completing a Capstone Project.

Post an explanation of the importance of critical thinking and the implications of not questioning information. Based on the resources, describe how you will use critical thinking to develop a Capstone paper. ( 250 words or more)

Part 2

For this  Discussion, you identify a major impact of neuroscience on cognitive  psychology. You then explain impacts of neuroscience on social change. You also  consider a related question you find interesting and describe effective  research methods for investigating it. Locate five articles published in the  last five years in peer-reviewed journals that document research involving  questions and methodologies that you find interesting.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief explanation  of one major impact neuroscience has had on the field of cognitive psychology.  Explain how neuroscience might influence social change. Then research one  question related to cognitive psychology that is interesting to you. Finally,  discuss the research method you would use to investigate that question and  explain why your selected method might be most suitable. (500 words or more)

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