These are questions from Business sustainability class. Please be critical in your answer. You can use only “websites” as sources and make sure to cite properly. (APA style)

Provide an answer of 150-200 words for the following questions (10 points each):

  1. List & define the three elements of the Triple Bottom Line. Why is it important to find the sustainability ?sweet spot? where all these elements intersect?
  2. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of bottled water vs. using water bottles filled with tap/filtered water.
  3. One of the 10 principles of biomimicry is to ?shop locally?. List a product you currently buy from a large chain like Walmart that may be shipped from around the globe that you could purchase locally( Pick something from Walmart that you may find locally ). How would this improve the Triple Bottom Line?
  4. Describe the role you feel that corporations can take to improve the economic, environmental, and social issues faced in the world today.

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