1. Purpose

    Nurses need to understand the variables that affect access to healthcare in a global population, and strategies for addressing these variables.

  2. Course Competency

    Critique access to global healthcare.

  3. Scenario

    As a clinical nursing instructor working in a global health setting, you are creating a case study for your nursing students to help them better understand access to global healthcare.


    Based on a current global health problem, develop a case study scenario and two open-ended questions related to the scenario. Provide answers with rationales to the case study questions.

    • The case study scenario should address: variables affecting access to healthcare in a global population (at least five)
    • The first question, answer, and rationale should address: how culture and other variables impact global healthcare access
    • The second question, answer, and rationale should address: how health disparities affect global health populations

    Use APA format for citations and reference list. Information should be supported by evidence from professional sources, published within the past five years.

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