For this post, please complete the following 6 grammar exercises. Use your notes from the information above to ensure that you are using effective word choice and correct grammar. Copy and paste where beneficial, and then make appropriate changes. Please number your answers.

Exercise 1

Look for the introductory word or phrase. Copy the sentence and add a comma to correct the sentence.

  1. Suddenly the dog ran into the house.
  2. In the blink of an eye the kids were ready to go to the movies.
  3. Confused he tried opening the box from the other end.
  4. Every year we go camping in the woods.
  5. Without a doubt green is my favorite color.
  6. Hesitating she looked back at the directions before proceeding.
  7. Fortunately the sleeping baby did not stir when the doorbell rang.
  8. Believe it or not the criminal was able to rob the same bank three times.

Exercise 2

Use what you have learned so far about comma use to add commas to the following sentences.

  1. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are all booked with meetings.
  2. It was a quiet uneventful unproductive day.
  3. We?ll need to prepare statements for the Franks Todds and Smiths before their portfolio reviews next week.
  4. Michael Nita and Desmond finished their report last Tuesday.
  5. With cold wet aching fingers he was able to secure the sails before the storm.
  6. He wrote his name on the board in clear precise delicate letters.

Exercise 3

On your own sheet of paper, create a compound sentence by combining the two independent clauses with a comma and a coordinating conjunction.

  1. The presentation was scheduled for Monday. The weather delayed the presentation for four days.________________________________________________________________
  2. He wanted a snack before bedtime. He ate some fruit.________________________________________________________________
  3. The patient is in the next room. I can hardly hear anything.________________________________________________________________
  4. We could go camping for vacation. We could go to the beach for vacation.________________________________________________________________
  5. I want to get a better job. I am taking courses at night.________________________________________________________________
  6. I cannot move forward on this project. I cannot afford to stop on this project.________________________________________________________________
  7. Patrice wants to stop for lunch. We will take the next exit to look for a restaurant.________________________________________________________________
  8. I?ve got to get this paper done. I have class in ten minutes.________________________________________________________________
  9. The weather was clear yesterday. We decided to go on a picnic.________________________________________________________________
  10. I have never dealt with this client before. I know Leonardo has worked with them. Let?s ask Leonardo for his help.________________________________________________________________

Exercise 4

Copy the sentence and insert commas to separate the interrupting words from the rest of the sentence.

  1. I asked my neighbors the retired couple from Florida to bring in my mail.
  2. Without a doubt his work has improved over the last few weeks.
  3. Our professor Mr. Alamut drilled the lessons into our heads.
  4. The meeting is at noon unfortunately which means I will be late for lunch.
  5. We came in time for the last part of dinner but most importantly we came in time for dessert.
  6. All of a sudden our network crashed and we lost our files.
  7. Alex hand the wrench to me before the pipe comes loose again.

Exercise 5

On your own sheet of paper, correct the following sentences by adding semicolons or colons where needed. If the sentence does not need a semicolon or colon, write OK.

  1. Don?t give up you never know what tomorrow brings.________________________________________________________________
  2. Our records show that the patient was admitted on March 9, 2010 January 13, 2010 and November 16, 2009.________________________________________________________________
  3. Allow me to introduce myself I am the greatest ice-carver in the world.________________________________________________________________
  4. Where I come from there are three ways to get to the grocery store by car, by bus, and by foot.________________________________________________________________
  5. Listen closely you will want to remember this speech.________________________________________________________________
  6. I have lived in Sedona, Arizona Baltimore, Maryland and Knoxville, Tennessee.________________________________________________________________
  7. The boss?s message was clear Lateness would not be tolerated.________________________________________________________________
  8. Next semester, we will read some more contemporary authors, such as Vonnegut, Miller, and Orwell.________________________________________________________________
  9. My little sister said what we were all thinking ?We should have stayed home.?________________________________________________________________
  10. Trust me I have done this before.

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