. You must communicate your knowledge effectively in writing, so be sure to put thought into the questions and answers and always proofread your work. You MUST use your own words and examples – please demonstrate what you know on the topic. Allow yourself sufficient time to complete one to two well-written paragraphs for each answer. You may not collaborate on this exam.

1. Explain the difference between a “hazard” and a “disaster.” Be sure to provide relevant examples to illustrate your answer.

2. Clearly define “vulnerability” as it relates to natural disasters.

3. Discuss ways in which society may contribute to the development of a “disaster.” Be specific and provide an example for illustration.

4. In your own words, define the concept “risk” as it relates to hazard. Be sure to be specific so that your definition is distinct from related terms in hazards management.

5. Discuss why risk communication may be a more difficult task in a large, diverse population as compared to a small, homogeneous population. Be specific to show knowledge of pitfalls in risk communication.

6. Clearly distinguish between the terms “accepted risk” and “acceptable risk.”

7. Discuss why insurance is not always an easy solution to managing hazard risk.

8. Discuss why disaster relief is sometimes considered a part of the problem rather than solution for disaster losses.

9. Explain the difference between “direct” and “indirect” economic costs of disaster, providing examples as relevant.

10. Applying what you have learned in this course, discuss one social factor you feel would be most important in considering/integrating into a natural hazard management effort should a hurricane severely impact the United States this year. Be sure to demonstrate knowledge of “context” in your assessment and application of this factor to a theoretical event. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers for this so you will be graded on the strength of support for your position (refer to pp 313-335).

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