Question Answered step-by-step Felicia is a 14 year old female who presents to the clinic with… Felicia is a 14 year old female who presents to the clinic with concerns of a missed period. She is living with her legal guardians (Aunt and uncle) whom are very religious. Her mother lost custody due to her mother and mother’s boyfriend were caught doing drugs. Felicia is concerned she is pregnant by her mother’s boyfriend due to he would come into her room at night and touch her. She can’t sleep at night because she is afraid to tell her aunt and uncle she is pregnant with fear of being kicked out of the house. She states she doesn’t want this baby inside of her. What are some differential diagnoses and why did you choose them?What is your treatment plan?List some ethical dilemmas for your case study such as ethical, psychological, physical, and financial issues Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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