The purpose of this assignment is to examine setting rather than skimming through setting descriptions looking to get to the ?action? of the story. The purpose is also to help you understand that the setting is key to both the plot and the theme of the story. In completing this assignment, you will understand that the time period of The Motorcycle Diaries (TMD) is key because of the lack of technology, means of transportation, and the political climate in South America.


  1. Read ?So we understand each other? and ?Forewarnings? (pp. 31 ? 34)
    • Access ?So we understand each other? and ?Forewarnings? by clicking on Unit 6 Resources, located above this assignment.
    • Write notes on Guevara?s descriptions in these sections of setting and the imagery he uses to describe what he sees as they begin their journey.
    • Identify clues in the story that point to the time period.
  2. Find an image, using Google image search, which represents this excerpt from the memoir.
    • Be creative in your choice; it does not need to be representational, but it should evoke the feeling of adventure and beauty that the two characters are feeling and experiencing.
  3. Write one paragraph explaining or defending your choice. Use at least two quotations to support your choice. Include in-text citations and Works Cited entries for both excerpts.

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