Question Answered step-by-step The discovery that the heritability of the Big Five personality… The discovery that the heritability of the Big Five personality traits is around 40% – 50% suggests that:2.   Humanistic psychologists embraced the idea of:3.   According to Eysenck, extraverts seek to ________ their arousal while introverts seek to ________ their arousal.4.   Allport believed that traits could be organized into three levels:5.   The MMPI is used to measure:6.   Name the big traits?7.   Freud founded the ________ approach to understanding human behaviour.8.   The influence of parents on the personality of their children is:9.   What is special about “knockout” mice?10.   The aim of behavioural genetics is to learn about:11.   Monozygotic is to ________ twins as dizygotic is to ________ twins.12.   Which of the following characteristics describe someone who, according to Maslow, is self-actualized?13.   According to Freud, children pass through 4 stages of psychosexual development.14.   Which of the following shows the stages in the correct developmental order?a.   oral, anal, phallic, latencyb.   latency, oral, anal, phallicc.   phallic, anal, oral, latencyd.   oral, phallic, latency, anal15.   Projective tests claim to reveal information about:16.   Traits are defined as:17.   Sheldon’s theory that people with different body types have different personalities has been:18.   Name something that is not a defence mechanism?19.   Rohan is self-disciplined, focused on achievement and keen to do his duty. He would be Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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