Question 1:

Annie enters your office and states that she has been injured by Rocka Rolla, famous rock star. Annie has discovered that Rocka Rolla is a resident of California. On July 1, Rocka Rolla performed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Annie purchased a $400 ticket for front row seats at the concert. During the high energy performance, Rocka Rolla kicked the microphone stand and it hit Annie’s arm. After the incident, Annie continued to rock out. Several hours later at the end of the concert, Annie noticed a bruise. She went to the emergency room and after 10 hours, she was seen by the doctor. The doctor informed Annie that it was only a slight bruise and that she could resume her normal activities and the bruise would disappear after a week. Annie’s medical expenses total $800. Annie enters your office and wants to sue Rocka Rolla for $500,000 because she knows that he has the money. Annie’s bruise disappeared one week after the incident. Summarize the relevant facts in the factual scenario. If you wish, SEPARATELY give your opinion on the potential of this case. Give me at least a paragraph, and footnotes!

Question 2:

The husband and wife team of Dick and Jane robbed a local bank. The two were arrested shortly after the robbery. Prior to being arrested, the two quickly phoned Attorney Albert, one of the best defense attorneys in Nevada, and requested that he represent both criminal defendants. Attorney Albert stated he would research this issue and call them back. Attorney Albert has requested that you research this matter. What ethical issues are presented by this type of representation?
Give me several paragraphs and use footnotes/list sources at the end of your essay for any sources you used.

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