Allegory of the cave reflection

After read ?Allegory of the cave?. I did not know what does it mean. But i read it again, i was starting confuse. If the guy got to outside and know the truth is wrong. So what is truth and right to do? If i was the guy what i should to do?

People is stuck in their body. They do not know each other. Maybe they do not even know who they are. The direct experience of the human is not about what is real, is what people known and experienced. People have facial features. Through the facial features people have a visual, auditory, smell, touch and so on. In addition to facial features, people also have a feeling of organs - heart. The feeling of the heart is spoken directly in the spoken language as a feeling. For example, bad mood, pain, depression, happiness, happiness and so are the feeling of heart rather than facial features. To be sure, people believe that their eyes see things, believe that they can touch, hear, smell something.
People has the basic and physic feelings. Although the heart feels everyone has, but people do not have enough sense for the importance of the heart and the effective use of this sense organ. The so-called "peace of soul" is the heart of the sense organs to measure the results. When you say that you should take care of the principle of things, many people will argue: what is peace of the mind? I would say ?no cheating in a relationship or exam, treat people nice, follow my own work etc.?But people start to give up on it. Because it is too hard to follow or is easier to cheat. People giving up on heart slowly. After heart is gone. The rest is only facial features.

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