In an effort to expand the dialogue beyond what you know presently about family violence, please select two ?myths? from the list below and engage in research as you respond with a more accurate and factual response. Please ensure that you support your findings.

Myth: Domestic violence is a personal problem between a husband and a wife.

Myth: Domestic and family violence happens only to poor, uneducated women and women from certain cultures.

Myth: Violence is about anger and rage. The abuser is out of control.

Myth: Domestic violence is usually a one-off, isolated incident caused by anger or stress

Myth: It?s only physical abuse if you mean to hurt your child.

Myth: Physical punishment helps parents control their child?s behavior.

Myth: Abuse is most often committed by strangers.

Myth: Domestic violence happens only once or twice in a relationship.

Myth: Abused and neglected children almost always come from poor, minority or inner- city families.

Complete your post, by also responding to the following question:

Do you have any perceptions about family violence that have been challenged as a result of this week?s reading and research?

****** Required ****

400 word minimum

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