Part 1 has 2 questions; answer them both individually.

1. Share an example of an excess or deprivation that you have either been a part of as a nurse or patient.

  • For example, I remember a patient we had to treat in the hospital for a Crohn’s disease exacerbation because he hadn’t been taking his daily medications due to lack of insurance. I thought, how much cheaper it would have been to pay for his pills rather than the hospital care he required for his 5 day stay. This was before total implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect. One of the earliest provisions of the ACA that did take affect was allowing children to stay on parent?s health insurance until the age of 26. He had been on his parent’s health insurance previous to his 26th birthday, but after this date, he couldn’t afford the cost of insurance or medications.

2. How have you seen the effect of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act?

Positive or negative? Why?

3) I would like you to investigate bills that concerned some aspect of health. This is a group effort & each group will get a different bill.
The bill assigned to your group is NM SB 281 for the 2017 regular legislative session.

a. What does this Bill say? Give a brief synopsis.

b. Who sponsored it? Why is it important for nurses?

While I could provide the link to aid you in your search, I think part of the learning is for you to find out what’s available to constituents with Internet access.

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