only ONE question but has many parts. Answer each part.

1. This question is about Karl Marx who ideas have changed the course of modern history. Whether you accept his ideas or reject them, you cannot ignore them.

a. What is dialectical materialism according to Karl Marx?

b. What did Karl Marx mean when he said that the history of the world is the history of class conflict?

c. Karl Marx said that those who control the Means of Production in the society control the society?

d. What are the six stages of social evolution described by Karl Marx?

e. What did Karl Marx mean by ?Class Consciousness? and ?False Consciousness??

f. Karl Marx said about religion that it is ?the opium of the masses?. What did he mean and do you agree with it.

g. In the end, briefly describe the is the impact of Karl Marx?s ideas and, in your opinion, are his ideas still relevant.

INSTRUCTIONS: There are many sources of information to answer these questions. Research the web.

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