Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Question 1

What is the strength of Richard Wilkinson’s quantitative
research?  Now, you are a qualitative
researcher interested in inequality. 
What does that research look like?

How did/does Brene Brown struggle with qualitative
research?  What do you think she would
argue that the benefit of qualitative research is?  What do you think?

Question 2

Where does Richard Wilkinson says that Americans who want to
live the American Dream should move?

Question 3

 Based off her
research on vulnerability, what does Brene Brown believe is a parent?s job is?

Question 4

 What is a drawback of
overt observation?

Question 5

If the saturation point has been reached while conducting
interviews and then a new issue related to the research arrives, what should
the researcher do?

Question 6

Should focus groups know the researcher?s ideology or
opinion on the study topic?  Why or why

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