I don’t have the outline yet for this topic. But here is my thought my paper should address these questions ( you feel free to develop more ideas):

– Will financial
service use blockchain as future technology? If it has lots of advantages, so
it raises question : cryptocurrencies is a tool of blockchain, so will
cryptocurrencies replace cash in the future?

– Blockchain
transformation in banking sector. Measure the performance, to see what goods
and bads for banking of using blockchain.

My professor want this paper will add knowledge to readers. The paper should has 1 argument, and support for that claim. After reading this paper, reader may believe your claim or not.

In the introduction: address why this topic is important to study.

Body: research position and try to argue at least 3 points

Possible ideas to use in
this paper:
data, historical trends, economic policy, statistical information, and academic
studies, presentation and analysis of data: data set, graphs and charts,
spreadsheets, federal reserve data and politicians.

Please include some graphs or charts….

– MLA format

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