Question Answered step-by-step What is your comment about this discussion? MAGNET status for… What is your comment about this discussion?MAGNET status for hospitals is achieved based on 5 Model Components which contain 14 ‘Forces of Magnetism.’ These guidelines are used to make an environment in which nurses are more involved in the decision-making process and in leadership roles. The five components are: Transformational Leadership, Structural Empowerment, Exemplary Professional Practice, New Knowledge, Innovation and Improvements, and Empirical Quality Results.Transformational leaderships involves leadership that are willing to make an environment that is willing and able to constantly grow and evolve to fit the constantly changing world. These leaders are visionaries, and do not focus on problem-solving, but rather on making improvements to foster growth of the facility and those that work within it. Structural Empowerment involves creating an environment in which better patient outcomes are achieved based on good facility practices. Exemplary professional practice entails nurses who are proficient at their job and have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to implement best practice. New knowledge, innovation and improvements means the facility and it’s staff are constantly evolving with new evidence-based practice findings. These facilities are always searching for this EBP. Empirical quality results means constantly analyzing the outcomes of implementing new practices and policies, and adjusting these policies where necessary for better patient outcomes.These facilities boast higher nurse job satisfaction, higher nurse retention, lower costs to the patients and the facility, and better patient satisfaction. Nurses are involved in developing and implementing new practices based on personal experiences that show room for improvement. Magnet facilities have open-door policies that encourage nurses to step forward and give honest feedback on areas for improvement, and ideas on how to make those improvements.The article, titled, “Missed Nursing Care: Magnet vs Non-Magnet Hospitals,” discusses how longitudinal studies have shown that implementation of Magnet status gives realistic goals to strive for to improve patient outcomes. Magnet status facilities have less nurse emotional burnout, better communication and collaboration between nurses and physicians, better teamwork amongst the nursing staff, and more opportunity to influence policies. Additionally, Magnet facilities have better statistical data supporting patient outcomes, including lower mortality rate, fewer adverse events and reduced length of stay in the hospital.I feel that working in a Magnet status facility would make an environment for personal and professional growth. These facilities seem to empower their staff to take part in aspects of leadership. If nurses see areas which could be improved, they are encouraged to step forward and propose ideas that could create these changes. This would give me, as a nurse, a feeling of higher satisfaction and pride in my job and my workplace. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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