Your first core assignment is an inquiry proposal. As you probably know, a proposal is a piece of writing that attempts to persuade its readers of a particular course of action. For this one assignment, your professor is your primary audience, and you are trying to convince him to approve your inquiry project. I won?t make you read my mind about what I?m looking for?I will approve your topic as long as your proposal does the following:

  • Explains what your specific topic is and provides sufficient support for why it is the best choice for you to pursue in this course.
  • Connects in some way with your future academic, personal, professional, or civic goals.1
  • Investigates two sources for developing working knowledge (Ballenger 11-14) of the topic. Since these are starting points and probably won?t be incorporated into the essay you will write, one of these could be a relevant Wikipedia article.
  • Identifies and discusses one potential inquiry question (see Ballenger 17-19).
  • Speculates on how some aspect of truth is at issue by connecting the topic with one of our first three texts.

To make sure you meet the above criteria, I recommend that you write and format this proposal in separate sections.

This proposal will set a clear direction for your research. It will clarify your inquiry project in your mind, give you an opportunity to consider and evaluate several potential inquiry questions, and continue developing your working knowledge of the topic.

1 Finishing this project (I mean the work that comes after this proposal) will require a great deal of self-motivation. Therefore, you will have to convince me that the topic holds some intrinsic motivation for you by explaining how it connects with what you want to achieve in your scholarly pursuits, personal passions, future career, or contributions and influence on your community. (That last element is what I mean by ?civic goals? above).

Grading criteria:

This assignment is worth 10 points (out of 100 total for the course).

10 points- Excellent. Fulfills or exceeds the assignment specifications listed above. Fully examines several strong researchable questions. Demonstrates curiosity and open-mindedness about the proposed topic. Careful attention has been paid to language and organization.

9 points- Very Good. Fulfills the assignment specifications. Examines several strong researchable questions. Demonstrates curiosity and open-mindedness about the proposed topic. Clear organization and few or no errors in the language.

8 points ? Good. Fulfills the assignment specifications. Includes strong researchable questions or examines adequate ones. May suggest curiosity and open-mindedness about the proposed topic. Clear organization. The language shows signs of editing and proofreading; few careless errors, meaning is not obscured by errors.

7 points- Acceptable. Mostly fulfills the assignment specifications. Includes a question that is researchable or will be researchable with minimal revision. May not show signs of curiosity, but does show signs of open-mindedness. Organization may be haphazard and the language shows little sign of editing and proofreading; may include careless errors, meaning at times obscured by errors.

6 points ? Not acceptable. Does not achieve the goals of the assignment and should be revised. Or perhaps the content is acceptable, but problems with language or structure occlude meaning.

5 points or lower ? Deficient. Does not represent what the assignment was and will have to be redone.

Due date: Final Draft (about 550 – 700 words)

this topic will be continuing to next month like I’ll be using this topic for 3 more assginment after this.

also I want it to be so basic and basic words

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