For each written assignment, you will write a 2-3 page/500-750 word essay reflecting on the assigned topic for the week. Essays will be graded on how thoroughly you address the question, how well you exhibit higher order thinking in your response, and how will you incorporate class material and concepts into your answer.

Assignment Instructions

Right now we are living in interesting historical times in that our marriage rates are declining and the age of first marriage is skyrocketing. From 1890 to 1980 the media age of first marriage for women fluctuated between 20 and 22. However, a sea change has occurred since and the median age of marriage eclipsed 23 for the first time in 1990 and it now stands at 27 just 25 years later – a 5-year bump in a generation’s time. We also now, for the first time in history have more unmarried women total than married women, and 80% of women 18 to 29 are unmarried. These are all big big changes in the role marriage plays in our society and people are starting to view marriage.

The interview I will link here is a long one (, so you do not to listen to it all, but is well worth your time if you have the chance. For the assignment, listen to the first 15 minutes for an essential understanding of how marriage patterns are changing. Listen to the first portion of the interview and then share your own thoughts in a 2-3 page essay that addresses the following.

1) s the author right? Are more women delaying marriage or not getting married at all because it is simply an option that wasn’t realistically available before?

2) Why do you think we are seeing a rise in more ‘single ladies?’ How do you think larger factors like changing social norms or economics can impact individuals’ personal decisions to marry or not marry?

3) What impact, if any, do you think these trends will have in your life? Did you or do you plan to marry ‘early’or ‘late.’

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