Scenario: Investigative Plan

You are hired as a consultant in City X and are charged with the responsibility of creating a plan to deal with the multiple daytime robbery attacks in your area. Police officers have been able to obtain limited information for each robbery. Your first order of business is to create a draft of a strategic operational/investigative plan to address the crimes. Your plan should be between 5?7 pages (excluding title and reference pages.)

needs to have at least 3 references.

Did you address each question in detail?

Did you cite your sources?


Did you state the findings of the paper concisely?

Did you support or oppose your position with insightful analysis?

Did you answer all the questions in a substantive manner?


Is your content accurate?

Is your content persuasive?

Is your content comprehensive enough to address the topic?


Did you prepare your paper as a MS Word Document?

Did you name your file correctly?

Did you use APA format to cite your sources?

Did you check your document for spelling?

Did you check your paper for grammatical errors?

Is your paper the correct length?

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