Watch the Video (to have a better understanding of what the posts are talking about), read students post and then leave a small respond to their post. (at least 70-100 words each) I agree, disagree, I found this fascinating or have a different viewpoint.

Student one: FN

Datafication, time stamps, spacial locations and footprints help make sense out of big data in number of ways. Sudha Ram explains in her lecture, that you can accomplish this by looking at twitter. The 140 characters, if you look closely you will see hashtags, locations and the situation of the tweet. And if you analyze the data (which becomes useful information) you can make something of it. You can also use one data and compare it to another data. And this further allows you to implement data science network, network science, visualization and understanding the underlying structure of the network. But like she said, you have learn how to manage harvesting the data and understand its fundamental properties.

Businesses and people can use this and benefit it from it because one, if this technology was being used to its full extent it can allow a business to make smarter choices on what the customers actually buy and need instead of not knowing and throwing their money around. For example using time stamps and locations they can see when the customer bought an item and where it was bought from. Some business do go about it in that way but I feel like sometimes they do not take it seriously. Individuals can use similar technology for a different purpose, for example if someone had lost their phone it could show exactly where and at what time was it lost/stolen. Again this type of data and technology is already out but it can improve drastically and be more efficient. And you can use it in various ways. Another example would be logistics. They have to see when and what time things need to be packed and shipped. From one place to another place and what needs to supplied and when. They can manage and harvest the information to maybe shorten the time it gets there to cut cost and increase productivity and profits.

Student two: NG

In today’s society, data is everywhere. It bombards organizations and people alike. It is impossible to escape it, so why try to. Instead, it should be used for good. Huge volumes of data can tell a company things that can be of great use to them. They just need to know how to utilize it. They need to know how to sift through the junk to find the gems. They do this by using business intelligence systems.

As users, we leave behind things like timestamps and footprints. We leave an easily read shadow on things like social media and other websites. Organizations can know the time of day users are visiting their websites and the purchases that we make. As you know nothing we do on the internet is private and everything we do is being tracked and used for the benefit of others.

An organization can utilize a ton of different resources to gather and use data. For example, Netflix looking at the shows you watch, Walmart looking at all the items that were scanned in a day, and Discover card looking a the type of purchases you make are ways data is being collected. They can take this data and gather it in one place to be analyzed. Once that happens, different trends and patterns can start to emerge. With this new information, an organization can more readily meet the needs of a customer and adjust its business strategy in a way that is more efficient. Walmart can notice that more of certain products sell more a certain time of year or day and make adjustments to have the product more available during that time. Netflix can see that stand up specials, for example, are being viewed a lot more so they then start to obtain more of that content. Those are just small surface level examples because the ways in which organizations can exploit data is endless.

Student three: TH

Form the speech what I can take from it is that Datafication, time stamps and spacial locations, and footprints can help make sense out of big data by becoming the answer to the how, where, and when humans have thoughts. Take for instance a time stamp with this little key piece of information from a post we can see at what exact time someone took the time to write the review they did on Facebook. Knowing this it allows proper researchers to adhere to a problem or properly thank someone. What datafication does to a person is puts all the pieces together. This sums up what we think about, when we think it, and whether we liked it. This then takes a picture of us that is forever imprinted in the digital realm.

I think one of the main ways in which businesses can look to this information is when doing market research and finding how people perceive certain things. Take for instance I am a high-end furniture manufacturer and I want to figure out which store would be the best to display my new line. If I went and did some research and found that peoples perception of Walmart is mediocre quality I may decide to look other places to display my product. Just so I can keep the reputation of my product high end. The using things like datafication, time snaps, special locations, and footprints I as a business person am better able to put the public opinion of potential partners in perspective.

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