This year, Chip Widgets, Inc. released its first employee survey. The results reflected that the organization’s employees were not engaged or happy, and performance has been low across all teams. The new operations manager has been asked to create an action plan to get the company back on track. When developing the incentives to motivate employees, the goals of the incentives should be tied to goals of the company.

For this assignment, you will be creating an action plan to improve satisfaction, engagement, and performance for the MBOs you created previously. Consider bonus programs that would incentivize the employee teams or other initiatives, yet keep the company profitable to prepare for growth and expansion. There must be a balance and the merits might all need to be performance based. If they are not purely performance based, provide a compelling argument as to why they are not.

To complete this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to the new operations manager. In your presentation, present an outline of how you expect the operations manager to enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and business results. Please include the following in your presentation:

  • A cover slide
  • At least 2 slides that assess your expectations for the following measures: employee engagement, employee turnover, community involvement, and profit margins
  • At least 2 slides that analyze how you as the HR manager will assist the operations manager with enhancing employee engagement, satisfaction, and business results in the company
  • At least 3 slides that illustrate the creation of an incentive package that would improve the areas outlined above; if any of the incentives are not performance-based, provide a compelling argument as to why they are not
  • One slide discussing other initiatives that could be implemented to enhance performance and increase engagement
  • A summary slide to reiterate the action plan
  • A slide containing at least two references from credible sources that you used in your research for this presentation, formatted according to APA standards.
  • For all slides except the cover and reference slides, include a minimum of 200 words in the Notes section of each slide that explains your rationale and provides further details for the information included in your slides. This information would form the narrative of your talking points in an actual verbal presentation.

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