Post 1. Equal employment practices and Affirmative Action plans are often confused. Does your organization use one of these, both or neither? What is the most successful part of your companies practices in this regard?

Post 2. What is your experience with “at risk” compensation elements such as merit pay, commissions, or profit sharing?

Post 3. What were some of the pros and cons in the implementation of these plans? Were they company-wide or just for some job families?

Post 4. As an example of how fast the employee environment is changing, our text states that there are 23 right-to-work states in the US. Well, just this month Missouri became the 28th RTW state. That’s a shift from the minority of the states to a majority of the states in about 3 years. Is your state a RTW state or one that allows union security agreements? What has your experience been with the environment in your state? If your organization is not one with a union, are there ways the union environment still affects it? The organization for this example is federal veterans hospital in Washington State.

Post 5. Recall the readings and activities you have completed this week and research a TED Talk or other academic video that applies to one or more of your weekly objectives.

Answer the following questions in no more than 175 words and include a link to the video:

  • What do you find interesting or surprising about the information in the video?
  • How does it relate back to your weekly objectives?

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