In 100 words or more reply to the statement below about shortages

Shortages are never a good thing. Keeping up inventory is vital for a company to sell their goods and keep customers happy. This is especially true for similar items that are sold by different businesses. For example, if Safeway runs out of Milk, I will go to another store and buy. When it comes to needing something in a fast manner, the consumer shifts their focus from wanting, to needing in some cases. I have noticed on occasion, when I go to purchase an item that is out of stock anywhere, my quest to find the product intensifies. In some cases, I would be willing to pay more, just to attain this product. Had the first company had the product, they would have collected my money. Since they did not stock this item properly, I ended up spending more money with one of their competitors. Keeping up inventory is the root of keeping the customers happy.

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