Review Perez v. Wyeth Laboratories Inc., (available in Doc Sharing and link below content). The continuing growth of direct to consumer advertising by big pharmacy also continues to grow in controversy. Physicians complain that they are often confronted by patients who demand a particular drug for their treatment for no more reason than the patient viewed the medication during a television commercial. Because of this, the majority of physicians oppose continued advertising direct to consumers. These doctors state that it is often the case that the particular medication is inappropriate for the patient (or simply not the preferred treatment), yet the patient?s demands continue unabated.

Patient?s rights advocates argue in response that the patient is entitled to as much information as the physician is. There exists no rational reason to limit the amount of information that the patient should have concerning a medication or, in fact, ANY other facet of treatment. The advocate?s primary point is that society should be moving towards greater and freer disbursement of information, not the other way around. Describe whether you support direct to consumer advertising from pharmaceutical companies to potential patients and why. Also describe the pros and cons of advocating your particular position.

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