As many of you know, the online sections of Sociology 1 are among the most popular that we offer here at CCSF. This is not unusual in that schools around the country and throughout the world are finding out that people like online classes. How would sociology explain this popularity and how would it go about coming up with an explanation for this?

There are no page minimums or maximums for these assignments, i.e. you can write for as little or as long as you think you need to to fully answer this prompt. That being said, these topics are designed so that you can give a complete and comprehensive answer in 3-4 pages.

The key points to remember and include in your essay are as follows:

1. answer every part of the prompt.

2. use the sociological perspective in your answer rather than a simple personal response.

3. focus on connecting using the material we have covered in class in your answer. ( We covered about Chapter 5: groups and networks) Link : :…

4. make sure that your answer is using sociology accurately and consistently.

Links about the reading:… ( just terms covered in our reading) (additional info)

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