For this assignment, analyze the situation at the Rosser Inns and
present a recommendation for reorganizing the responsibilities of
running the business. In this recommendation be sure to include not only
what needs to be done to correct the situation but also state why you
made this recommendation. Based on your analysis of their current
situation, write a paper that is a minimum of 4 pages that does the

  • Describe in detail the current situation at the Rosser Inns
  • Research descriptions of the following job functions: CEO, CFO,
    and Director of Purchasing. Remember you are presenting to an elderly
    lady so keep your target audience in mind when constructing these
    descriptions. Make sure to cite your outside sources correctly.
  • Who would you recommend be appointed as CEO? CFO? Director of
    Purchasing? Should these positions be filled by members of the Rosser
    family or should an external candidate be recruited? Be sure to include
    your reasoning for these changes so the various viewpoints in this
    scenario have been addressed

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