Now that you have studied about professional and ethical early childhood practices, it is time to determine which of those practices are most important to you and why. In Part 1 of this project, you will create a three-page handout describing the professional and ethical practices to which staff members in your program should adhere. In Part 2 you will create a professional development plan and discuss your career goals.

Part 1: Professional Guidelines

Imagine that you manage an early childhood program with several employees. You will create and distribute an employee handout, informing them of what professional guidelines they must follow.

For this part of the assignment, create a three-page employee handout that includes the following:

  1. List five guidelines and examples of professional and courteous practices/behavior for early learning settings. Explain specific reasons why these are important in maintaining ethical and collaborative practices.
  2. Discuss professional and fair ramifications for the absence of professional and courteous behavior.
  3. Describe expected collaborative practices and employee contributions to team efforts.
  4. Include a reflective, yet professionally written, statement that explains two ways you will model and demonstrate professional behavior on a regular basis with your employees.

Part 2: Professional and Personal Goals

For this part of the assignment, you will create an individual professional development plan that consists of professional and personal goals related to your career development/skill acquisition as an early childhood practitioner.

In a minimum of two pages, create your professional development plan. Include the following:

  1. Identify two professional goals and two personal goals related to your career development as an early childhood practitioner. Consider your chosen specialty when creating your goals.
  2. Include the following for each goal:
    1. List the steps toward achieving each goal or acquiring each skill. Include target dates for accomplishing each goal.
    2. Identify a local, national, or distance/web-based training resource for each goal. Include a brief summary of how each resource could help you.
  3. Address the following:
    1. The skills and knowledge you currently have either professionally or personally. Consider the six Transferable Skills when you assess your knowledge
    2. What you want to learn and how it will benefit you or the children/families you work with
    3. How you will assess your progress and knowledge/skill acquisition

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