Use this as a reference Bastable, S. A. (2014). Nurse as educator (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

Must use at least 5 scholarly reference of which, at least 2 journal articles.

Limit the paper to 2 pages excluding the cover page, reference and appendices pages, using APA format. Writing style is at a graduate level.


A community college has established a Fit and Well for Life (FWL) Committee. The committee is considering adopting the ?Dump the Plump? Campaign as its first campaign to promote a healthier lifestyle for its faculty and employees. Teams of 4-10 participants are formed. Each team member sets their own personal weight loss goal for the end of the 8-week campaign, and the personal goals are totaled into a team goal. No more than 50% of each team may have goals of five pounds or less. Twenty minutes of moderate physical activity (walking, swimming, etc.) should be performed six times a week. No special diet is prescribed, but healthy eating tips are promoted regularly. Teams will be judged at the end of the campaign according to the progress they have made towards their goal. Appropriate prizes are awarded to the top three teams.

A.After reading this case study, critique this health promotion campaign choice according to the ?Common Principles of Learning.? List at least three positive and three negative aspects of this campaign according to these principles.

The following year, the FWL Committee chooses the ?One Hundred Miles in One Hundred Days? campaign. Participants commit themselves individually to perform a moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily. A variety of acceptable activities are promoted as the equivalent of walking or running one mile a day (20 minutes of swimming, dancing, biking, etc). Weekly logs are submitted to a department captain. The first three individuals who achieve this are awarded appropriate prizes.

B.Critique this health promotion campaign according the ?Common Principles of Learning? as above. Is the ?One Hundred Miles in One Hundred Days? campaign an improvement on the ?Dump the Plump? campaign?

C. What advice would you give the FWL Committee based on your analysis of these two campaigns?

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