Comments from previous paper that need to be address= Elements were smooshed together and some were not dealt with clearly. There was nothing explicit about Zuckerberg’s career track.
Leadership and Management: Leadership: Dealt with this–but could be more specific.
Leadership and Management: Management: Specific management roles are not addressed.
Articulation of Response: Organization could be better–see my announcements–not all elements are addressed. There are only three references–assignment requires five
(Can these be fixed in the previous paper attached please first!)

The milestone assignments will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on four organizational scenarios to demonstrate your understanding of leadership in
organizational behavior. These assignments are designed to develop your skills in analyzing various organizational leadership situations dealing with skills
assessment, team-building, vision and culture, problem-solving, and conflict management.

Prompt: For Milestone Two: Organizational Vision and Culture, you will submit a short paper or presentation identifying your chosen leader?s organizational
vision, how your chosen leader developed the organization?s strategic plan, and what methods you would recommend for the strategic plan that were not
employed by the leader. Then, analyze evidence of the leader?s personal, political, and positional power, assessing how the leader used that power to structure
the organization, thus creating its culture. Use the research on your chosen leader and the text to analyze best practices of how leaders structure the
organization and build, plan, and staff effective executive teams for organizational success. Identify at least two examples of strategic planning methods used by
the chosen leader to align teams with organizational vision and the appropriate tools and methods to develop the organization?s strategic plan. Analyze evidence
of the leader?s use of personal, political, and positional power as tools to structure the organization for effecting change in organizational culture. Apply the
leader?s use of business strategies as personal, political, and power tools to effect change in organizational culture.
You will be evaluated on the identification and summary of your chosen leader?s organizational vision; examples and analysis of how your chosen leader
developed the organization?s strategic plan (methods); inclusion of your opinion and research on methods you would recommend for the strategic plan not
chosen by the leader in his or her planning process; critical thinking applied to your work product; and the articulation of your response in the writing process.

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