I have completed just over half the assessment and needed to some help in specific areas. I will include the assessment outline, my work that has been completed (just a draft) and readings. I will also include an example assessment for reference.

The sections that I need assistance are underlined in the outline and these are what i need help in:

– Continuums of learning
I have basically completed it, however I have not included a specific document called ACARA as the base, therefore you can either edit, takeout, whatever you see fit to include it into my work. I would also like for you to transfer this work onto a table. This makes it easier for you as it tells you what to do there. An important thing to remember is that the ACARA document needs to be the BASE with 2 or 3 other supporting continuums which I will send them all to you. I will also provide you with a chapter on theories that need to be put in. These can all be written in dot points if you prefer.

– Two specific issues bilingual and ATSI children face. (200 words)
The outline will assist in starting out the paragraph.

– Strategies for working with families
I just need you to fill out a small table, you need 4 strategies and one to two sentence examples.

– Assessment
I just need help with the table, you don?t need to write too much, whatever you see fit
Also under assessment is a subheading ?Assessment and links to theory? I need assistance with this also (150 words).

– Role of educator
I need assistance in writing just a small paragraph (150-200) words. The outline will start of the sentence and how to write it.

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