Think of 2 positive statement you could make regarding the case and 2 challenging statements you might make to brainstorm this case.

  • Example: You might say, ?I can see why you would choose this??. It has its value which is??..but I think this ??might also be a valuable strategy with this client?..because of???.?
  • Feel free to challenge them using the worst case scenario.

Student two response down below:

Here we have a 48 year old male with bipolar disorder and dealing with addiction issues. At this point he is decompensating and is beginning to go into manic phase of his illness. He is only sleeping 2-3 hours at night, engaging in risky sexual behaviors, and is decreasing in his self-care. He openly states that he is hearing voices and sounds that nobody else hears, which is consistent with bipolar disorder with psychotic features. He also reported that he is using drugs again to calm his self-down because he couldn?t afford the psych medication. This patient states that he managed his symptoms best when he was in a group therapy but couldn?t remember what type of group therapy he was in.

With the knowledge known about the client, I believe that dual diagnosis group would be the best choice for this case. Using the dual method would help the client with his mental illness and substance abuse problems. I have many other concerns for this patient because he is dealing with a relapse situation because he has been down the road of recovery before and something has happened for him to become a victim of following into his past. I believe he needs to be evaluated for the use of any medication and evaluates for self-awareness according to his open statements about the thing that is going on I his life right now.

My goals and objective to plan a full recovery after an evaluation is completed by psychiatrist as needed for the mental illnesses and substance abuse. I believe that his evaluation will prove that the client will not be able to use the medication for his mental illnesses and other methods will have to be tried for the health of the client. When it comes to the bipolar disorder the patient has been having the characterized by constantly changing moods between depression and mania (2018). With this case, there can be several different out comes with his evaluations.

The one back up plan I believe can be used is the medication method but it will be used as a high risk client and medication will only be used when group counseling is not being affective, meaning that the patient will not be given the medication daily. Before we move on to his different out comes I believe that this case should be reviewed twice before changing his group counseling options.

So choosing the dual diagnosis, group therapy should be a main option because he needs to gain stability as well as regain control of taking his psych meds when he is able to purchase them again. I also believe that the dual diagnosis can make the time recovery during the group therapy sessions and medication intake. Using these options I am sure that this case can be directed in more than one way for the patint.

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