Each team needs to find relevant articles ( minimum 10 scholarly articles) related to their seminar topic and then should submit their final electronic Power Point presentation and reading materials (PDF only) to Canvas by one week before presentation- It means each group’s due date is different (depends on the schedule of your presentation date). Each student is required to submit their presentation to Canvas individually.

The main purpose of reading material is to give your classmates basic information about your topic in advance. So they can prepare for a rich discussion about your topic within the limited time frame. The reading material can be a research article that you use in your presentation, news article, manual, etc.

The purpose of this assignment is to improve your understanding of a particular topic, to develop your communication and leadership skills, and to develop your team building skills. Your seminar topic will be any topic that you learned from any RTM courses, work experience, etc. The topic that you believe students should have before getting to internship or employment. Make sure that you will teach your classmates like professor. I often see a repeated presentation that they had presented in other courses and bring it as a seminar topic presentation in RTM 490. This results in a failing grade for this section. The following are my expectations for the seminar topic presentation (Duration of the presentation: minimum 50 minutes {but not more than 1 hour }) ;

  1. Have fun with classmates or teammates.
  2. Be creative (Key Component), – utilize a variety of methods and activities such as video, movie, play, song, fun activity, TV news style, Jeopardy, Millionaire game, puzzle, competition, or whatever you want.
  3. Choose some interesting and relevant information and discuss the information in the class (Your instructor strongly encourages for those students who has particular experience for the relevant topic to share their wonderful experience with classmates). ?AVOID the following example: In the previous semester, few students? group just split up the topic and deliver the content by themselves without any collaboration with other team members. Please do not repeat this same mistake in this semester ( Your instructor will evaluate your team collaboration as well).
  4. Collaborate with your teammates ( Please avoid allowing one or two people to dominate the whole presentation). ? see above explanation.
  5. Communicate with your classmates – find group activities, discussions, debates, etc. – (Allow your audience to interact through questions and comments they might have.)
  6. Get a good learning experience related to topic from your presentation.
  7. Provide high-quality presentation materials to your classmates.
  8. Additional information (team effort, etiquette [professionalism], learning objectives, attire, ?.).
  9. References are required for this presentation (Formatted using APA stylebook). Your instructor strongly encourages you to use the most-recent, reliable and credible source of information such as academic journals, books, trade journals, and other credible and trusted sources (i.e., edu or gov [.com or .org are not recommend; be careful to use “.com” source and do not use the source of “Wikipedia” or online encyclopedia]). There is no optimum number of references ( a minimum of 10): the more, the better.
  10. Ask 4 (positives)(improvement: NOT Negative) to your classmates at the end of your presentation.

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