our term paper is to write a five page, double spaced paper on a subject (topic) of your choosing from American history prior to 1870. Be very specific and very narrow. For example, the US Civil War is too broad, while the Gettysburg Battle is narrow enough. You can select a person, an event, a cultural phenomenon, an invention and so forth. I have had students write on the religion of slaves, the music of slaves, and the influence of the Caribbean Islands on slavery in the South. I have read biographies on Hamilton, Franklin, Jefferson, Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglas. Students have written about the invention of the cotton gin, steam power, the railroad, the McCormick reaper as examples. When you have decided, or if you need assistance selecting a topic, let the instructor know what your choice is. Do not proceed with the actual first exercise below until your instructor has approved your topic.

Your final paper must use the references you have identified in the second assignment. You may use the class text. You should include Five references or more.

Write a four-paragraph document (one page) that satisfies the following:

Paragraph 1: State your topic and explain why you?ve selected this topic. Remember: person, place, thing or event that happened before 1870.

Paragraphs 2?3: Write two paragraphs describing the historic period during which your topic arises. Describe those times.

Paragraph 4: Why is your topic of interest to the larger study of history?

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