Extremely short responses is all that is required.

I am the manager of a retirement fund. I take the money from the fund and move to Brazil. In during so, I also take my mistress with me.

In doing this, I was never concerned with the people that would be impacted by my decision. I never wished any harm on my wife or the peoples whose money I took. If the people rebound that would be great, if not, it does not matter. If my wife meets someone new, that would be great, if not, it does not matter.

An Argument for Ethical Egoism

  • ? It works for the individual. ?I am going to only concern myself with my happiness.?
  • ? If more people concerned themselves with their own actions and less with others, it would be a better world.
  • ? Everyone is ultimately working out of ?self-interest? and seldom in a selfless way. It is just very few people would admit this because it is deemed as ?selfish?.
  • ? Simply put, the world could not survive if everyone followed this theory.
  • ? The world would be void of compassion and would make for a brutal existence.
  • ? Because we can never truly determine future events, we can never truly know what is in our ?long term best interest?.
  1. So what?s wrong with Ethical Egoism or is there anything wrong with ethical egoism?
  2. Don?t we all work from a place of ?self-interest? and therefore, we all subscribe to the theory of ethical egoism?

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