You are teaching a mono lingual class of 8 year olds. There are 20 students in the class. This is the beginning of their second year of learning English. Write a 45 minute lesson plan with the following objective:

Objective: For students to learn and practice 6 new action verbs

Please include the following information:
Target language (list the action verbs you will teach)
Assumed knowledge (for example, list some vocabulary and grammatical structures the students already know, which can be of use during the lesson) 
Anticipated problems 
Preparations and aids 
A step-by-step plan of the entire lesson including the timing of each stage and activity.
Here is the suggest staging for the lesson plan:



Lead In 
Set context 
Elicit vocabulary 
Drill chorally and individually 
Give the written form (they need to see the spelling) 
Controlled speaking practice 
Freer practice (a production exercise) 
Controlled written practice for homework

Below is my own work but my teacher has failed it!! therefore I’m looking for a tutor that can help me with the correction or even come up with an completely new lesson plan, either way is fine. I will also include my teacher feedback/comment on why he has failed me. TUTOR who is willing to work on my question are advised to use the comment to work on the correction. P/s only accepted if you’re seriously going to answer the question!!. Also, if some tutors who will raise prices that is sound/look ridiculously don’t even bother because I will not accepted!!


Level & Age: Elementary level, 8 years old

Lesson length: 45 minutes

Objective: six new action verbs 

Target language: new verbs run, jump, sing, sit, and sleep.

Assumed knowledge:
– Are expected to have knowledge of other action verbs, either related with the new words or not.
– Can use some essential sentences structures such as: wants to, he/she ?.he can and I ? he/she cannot or he/she does not?

Anticipated problems: 
– Might struggle to acquire all the new verbs.
– There is high possibility that students might have forgotten or struggle to remember all the previous thought verbs as well as sentence structures.

– Repetition is essential throughout the lesson with students given a chance to repeat the phrase
? Prepare activity for example a game focusing on the previously thought vocabulary
? Revision of previously written homework from the previous lesson is essential
Preparation and Aids: pictures of people carrying out some activities as well as the handout for assignment 

Lesson plan
Stage 1: Warmer (T-S)(5 minutes)
– Start lesson with game; play bingo with the previously nouns and verbs 
– Revise assignment from the previous lesson

Stage 2: Lead on (S-T)(3 minutes)
– Use flash cards to provoke activities; read, sing, run, play, write. 
– After, put pictures on board, point out the picture and identify them

Stage 3: Presentation (T-S)(10 minutes) 
– Present sentences using ?I can?t ??try sing and provoke I can?t sing, sleep and prove ?I can sleep?. In case the sentences cannot be provoked, feed them to the class. Before the end of the lesson, the sentences should be repeated several times.

Stage 4: Drill individually (T-S) (5 minutes)
– More focus is put on the pronoun can and can?t. 
I can sleep?.
I can?t sleep.
– The negative form of these words has different pronunciations thus helps students to differentiate the two words while pronouncing them.

Stage 5: Give the written form (S-T) (4 minutes)
– Provoke the question form, and put more emphasis on the short answers. 
– Highlight the different ways to pronounce the word can
Example :
?Can you sleep?? 
?Yes, I can.?
?No, I can?t.?
The word can is weak in ?can you sleep?? since it is not stressed. It is however strong in ?yes, I can. 

Stage 6: Controlled practice (T-S-S) (3 minutes)
– Start the control of questions and answers around the class. Write up goal language on the board and examine any doubts.

Stage 7: Controlled practice (T-S) (5 minutes)
– Instruct students to write down the unusual things they are capable. You can help them if they don?t know.

Stage 8: Production (S-S) (9 minutes)
– Here is where milling activity is carried. Students should be given time to ask many questions on their fellow classmates and take note
– Then, tell the students to write their own sentences using the new verb they’ve learnt.

Stage 9: Controlled practice exercises for homework (T-S) (1 minutes)
– Set worksheet with gap-fill exercise.

Feedback/Comment from my teacher

Thanks for your hard work on this module. I?d like you to resubmit your lesson plan. Your current plan assumes that the students already know the target language. You appear to have based your plan on ‘can/can’t’ and not the six action verbs. Consider eliciting the target language through a context, then controlled practice and finally a freer production activity. 

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